Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Most Important Lesson I Have Ever Learned, and of Course Dogs

At some point in my life I learned a very important lesson from someone probably old and wise: be nice. Be nice even when you don't want to, and especially when you don't have to. Killing people with kindness is the best thing to do - more people should try it. Aside from the altruistic and self-stress lowering benefits of being nice, another really important reason to be nice is because you never know when you will need a favor, some understanding, or even just a friend. So many people in the world spend their time focused on themselves and their agenda, they don't care who they step on along the way, or who they tick off, or whose enemy list they get on. A myopic view like this is nothing but trouble - if you don't believe me I can give you name of a few acquaintances who are experts at this. But enough about this - just be nice, it pays dividends and it makes you feel good.

Back to the dogs....

Our current foster, Harris, is still in need of a home. He has really become a great dog. He does have some energy to burn every day, and sometimes he is a pain in the butt, but he's no different than the rest of our pack. He loves to snuggle and get pets, and he has figured out that to get what he wants he has to sit quietly - and he seems to enjoy doing it. Really sweet to watch. Harris is a good boy who needs a home. Got one?

Behind Harris is a never ending line of dogs that need homes. Dozens at the rescue we work with alone - and there are probably hundreds of rescues just like it. As much as we have enjoyed having Harris, we can't wait to get our next foster. The fun never ends :)

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