Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our new foster - and I question I just cannot answer....

We picked up our newest foster today, a 5 year old spaniel mix named Gerty. She's a little dog without the little dog attitude - which is good because the yipping and yapping of typical little dogs makes me crazy. This dog has a great personality - she's submissive and playful with our dogs, comes when called, and isn't driving cats crazy - a win across the board. And now the question I just cannot answer....

What the hell is wrong with people? This dog was rescued off death row in a shelter down south - she is one of many dogs on many death rows in many shelters. These dogs are discarded at these shelters with seemingly no regard for what will happen to them. How can 1 person, let alone hundreds of people do this every day? On top of this, can someone explain to me how so many dogs end up with heart worm in these same shelters? I understand climate and humidity and how mosquito's transmit the disease...yada yada yada. How do so many people do absolutely nothing to prevent this? Lunacy.

The next time you or someone you know is considering getting a dog, rescue a shelter dog. They are wonderful animals and they deserve a chance to live a happy life. Trust me, we have 2 shelter dogs and have fostered many others - and not a bad apple in the bunch!

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